Welcome to Edinburgh Labour Students’ shiny new website!

We’re proud to be one of the biggest and most active political student societies in Britain with an illustrious history from ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the late Robin Cook, and Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander.
We’re nationally recognised by Labour Students as having the best events of any Labour club in 2013, but most importantly we’re campaigning for Labour values on our campus, in Scotland and throughout the UK. We’re renowned for our campaigning abilities whether it be each other’s individual projects or helping win General Elections; in the last year our members have helped elect Labour politicians throughout the UK, including Corby, Rotherham, Doncaster and right here in Edinburgh.
From September 2013 we’ll be meeting every Tuesday for events varying from policy debates, guest speakers and our annual tour of the Scottish Parliament, and we’d love to have new members come along!
Whether you’re a committed socialist, a true Blairite, a step away from the (shadow) Cabinet, or just thinking that left could be right we’re the group you’ll want to find yourself falling into. It only costs £1 to get involved with The Labour Party through Labour Students so please come along and find out what we’re all about.
To get in touch with us you can email edinburghlabourstudents@hotmail.co.uk, or visit www.facebook.com/EdinLabStudents – and don’t forget to follow us on twitter! @EdLabStudents
Join The Labour Party here:

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